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Foster Good Health and Economic Resilience

(in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond)

January 2021 - December 2022

Women Empowerment


Women are already overwhelmed and the crisis continues to intensify pre-existing gender inequalities.


With the aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect development gains and mitigate the potentially disastrous social and economic consequences of the virus, CARE seeks to raise awareness on COVID-19 spread and prevention through mass campaigns and group level sensitizations, support vulnerable women with protective materials and work with frontline health workers and health facilities to enhance quality health services.


Further, CARE seeks to also enhance economic resilience of vulnerable women and girls against social and economic shocks of COVID-19 through VSLA methodology as a safety net during the crisis, financial literacy, entrepreneurship skill building and business grant support to selected women and youth led businesses in the Western region of Kenya for the next 2 years.

In order to reach a wide number of vulnerable people within the targeted communities, CARE will also utilize local radio channels focusing on awareness creation on COVID-19 prevention and complementary training on financial literacy via digital media, targeting VSLA groups and building resilience among vulnerable women and girls through entrepreneurship and business grants for sustainable economic recovery.


While CARE utilizes existing VSLA structures as entry point, it will also help mobilize, train and mentor new VSLAs through Community Based Organizations/trainers to further enhance economic resilience among the vulnerable women and youths.


CARE places a special focus on vulnerable women and girls, who often face specific challenges during emergencies. Based on CARE’s experience, we can anticipate further disproportionate economic and social effects on women and girls for a longer period.




Increased safety, knowledge, skills and practices to prevent and respond to Covid-19 and related vulnerabilities



Improved access to equitable and qualitative health services with a focus of vulnerable women and girls



Increased economic resilience of vulnerable groups against the social and economic impacts of Covid-19.

Project Outcome: Awareness


Activity 1. Mass sensitization and awareness creation on COVID-19 prevention through local radio channels targeting over 500,000 listeners.

  • Data has been gathered from the groups on the widely listened to radio station

  • Terms of reference already developed

  • Process of contracting West Fm is ongoing

Activity 2. Distribution of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) materials to 2000 existing VSLA members within the target Counties.

  • Branded reusable mask already produced

  • Mask already distributed to 2000 existing VSLA members.

Project Outcome: Health Services


Activity 2.1: Training of 400 front line health workers on implementation of COVID-19 homebased care approach via digital interactive voice response (IVR).

  • Due to ongoing malaria, Polio and measles campaigns already scheduled by county governments, the activity was rescheduled for July, 2021

Activity 2.2: Distribute Infection prevention and Control items to selected front line health workers and health facilities across the two target counties.

  • Health facilities to receive IPCs already selected

  • Procurement processes ongoing

Activity 2.3: Quarterly community campaigns targeting 4000 VSLA members and other groups

  • Target achieved so far is 2688  (2463, 92%-Female), (225, 8%- Male) (470- 17%- Youth).

  • Campaigns were done by health promotion officers (HPOs)

  • Aim was to provide more awareness and clarify myths around COVID 19

  • Activity paused due to government protocols on public gatherings.


Project Outcome: Economic Resilience

Activity 1: Train the selected CBOs on VSLA methodology

  • Not yet started

Activity 2: Train the selected CBO trainers on entrepreneurship

  • Not yet started

Activity 3: Mobilize, train and mentor 2000 vulnerable women and youths on VSLA methodology through CBOs.

  • Not yet started

Activity 4: Identify, train and coach 1000 women and youth VSLA entrepreneurs through CBOs

  • Not yet started


 Program Manager:  Coming Soon

 Email:  Coming Soon


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